We’ve just launched our complete online ACT course. Yaaaaaaaay!

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I like to take on big projects, and this course fits into that category. Because it is so big and so new, I thought I would explain how it’s built so you can use it in the best way possible!

Let’s start with the English. Like every other course, it begins with the Five Minute Version. I swear—the three fundamental concepts that are discussed in this short video could help you solve 40% of the questions on ACT English. That’s a pretty good return on your time investment!

After that, I broke the course into two categories. They pretty much adhere to the traditional ACT English categories. I call them Grammar and Thinking Editorially. The way you think about these two types of questions—the way you SHOULD think, if you want to ace the test, anyway—is really pretty different.

The grammar questions are absolutely technical. If you know the rules, you should get them right, simple as that. They ask about the same rules, using the same tricks, on every test.

The editorial questions (ACT used to call them Rhetorical Skills questions, a name I never liked) are like light reading comp questions. You have to know what the author was trying to say and then make sure that’s what’s in the essay. These are a little more fun but no less predictable than the grammar questions. More than anything else, you want to read the questions carefully and deliver what the test makers ask for—it really is as simple as that.

More next week—the Math section.