How to Prep for Your Admissions Tests

Advice from Tutor Ted, a perfect scorer and an expert on test prep

ACT Reading, the online version

Teaching Reading online felt daunting when I started to work on it. After all, in all of the years I’ve taught students how to read effectively on SAT and ACT, one gem of wisdom has always rung true: everyone reads in his/her own, personal style. It’s a very personal activity, after all—while we...


How we teach ACT Math online

Math is a particularly interesting topic to try to teach online. By interesting, I mean complicated, challenging, fun, fraught… and that list could go on and on. Why? How we understand math varies from person to person. For some, like myself, learning the classroom terminology and using that to...


How to prep for ACT English online

We’ve just launched our complete online ACT course. Yaaaaaaaay! One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I like to take on big projects, and this course fits into that category. Because it is so big and so new, I thought I would explain how it’s built so you can use it in the best way...