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Tutor Ted scored a perfect 36 on ACT, a 1600 on the old-old SAT, a 2400 on the old SAT, and has tutored literally thousands of students. He knows his stuff.

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Life is too short for boring test prep. Get captivated—and learn a whole lot more—through Ted’s engaging style.

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Ted Dorsey started tutoring students for SAT and ACT in 2000. He is a graduate of Princeton (English, Theatre) and UCLA (M.A. in Education).

Ted scored perfectly on the ACT (36), the old SAT (2400), the old-old SAT (1600), PSAT (240), SAT Subject Test in Literature (800), and SAT Subject Test in Math Level 2 (800). He's currently sitting on a 1590 on the new SAT, and if you want to see someone grumble, ask Ted about it.

He founded Tutor Ted, Inc. to help as many as possible perform at their peak on their college admissions tests.

Ted is the author of six test prep books, available on Amazon at this link.


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